Bauer Compressors Indonesia - Junior II

The compact classic among mobile breathing air compressors

  • The world's best seller: With more than 100,000 units around the globe
  • BAUER's most compact mobile compressor: With compact dimensions and advanced technology
  • Extensive range of applications: For sport divers, shipping, respiratory applications, paintball, sport shooting and many more
  • Really easy to transport: Outstandingly light in weight and easy to handle

  • Ruggedness, reliability, a wide range of applications and compact flexibility have made the JUNIOR a worldwide classic and a global best-seller, with over 100,000 units sold.

    The most compact of our mobile breathing air compressors, it combines a small footprint and advanced technology and is the ideal solution for applications in sports diving, shipping, respiratory protection and paintball and shooting sports.

    In other words, for anyone that wants to rely on pure, safe breathing air in mobile applications.

    The light, compact system can be transported by one or two people and fits into virtually every vehicle boot.

    Bauer Compressors Indonesia