Operating principle
Maximum efficiency of the air compression process, excellent reliability and low running costs; are just some of the key benefits that rotary vane technology can offer. The vane compressor is a volumetric rotary compressor that consists of a stator cylinder in which a rotor is mounted off-centre but parallel to its sides. The rotor has slots in which the vanes are free to slide: centrifugal force keeps them in contact with the sides of the stator during rotation. The rotary vane compressor, thanks to its simple construction, offers remarkable advantages, first among them being greater volume yield because the vanes are in constant contact with the inner wall of the stator and form a perfectly airtight seal with no leaks along the wall thanks to a continuous film of oil. In this type of compressor no axial thrust is generated so the side surfaces of the rotor are not subject to wear and thus no rotating bearings or thrust bearings are needed. The vanes, too, because of the special way they are made have practically unlimited life. Behind the success of Mattei compressors there is thus extreme reliability, long life, quiet operation and simplicity of maintenance. Design is important too: compactness and clean lines, together with harmonious shapes, give Mattei compressors an image of robustness and ease of use.

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